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On Site Business Service

    Many Small business today do not have full time dedicated staff. Most make use of knowledgeable staff who might be fairly computer literate in the basics of installing software or configuring the normal day to day applications relevant to that office.


    I offer to all new potential business customers a face to face initial meeting to determine your companies computing and service needs.

    This meeting is to help me as your technology consultant better understand your business.

    With a good understanding of your needs I can provide more competent technology recommendations for your business.

    Well informed, I can provide more cost effective solutions to your specific company needs.

    The recommendations you receive will help you as a business owner better understand the possibilities and capabilities of your current systems and help you move toward a productive low maintenance business computing environment. This will let you get back to running your business without worrying about your systems


    Most of my current business customers have been with me for 7 or more years and during that time we have built together stable computing environments and business relationships built on trust, trust that their needs will be taken care of and their computing environments will provide a stable and productive workplace for the staff in those companies.

    In an environment built on trust, recommendations can be made to help you as a small business owner understand your technology needs better, helping you to make better decisions based on solid information.


      Business Computing Systems Sales and Installation


    Today there are predominately two types of computers sold in the open market. The Home Computer and the Business Computer. There are substantial differences between the two. These differences relate to the computers ability to connect to commercial server based systems. The Home computer with a Microsoft Home Operating System will not seamlessly connect to the Microsoft Server based environment. The standard Business Computer will have a Professional Operating System which will integrate easily to a Microsoft Server based system.

    We sell both types of systems. I do however use only business systems for companies with either small business or server based computing environments.

     We professionally install and configure all systems we sell as well as any equipment our customers need configured.



Residential/Home On Site Services


    Our primary focus is on Business Computer systems However we are a full service company and serve both the Residential and business markets.

    Most residential needs involve New Equipment installation Virus removal or and Data recovery. As well as the purchase and installation of Productivity software and Antivirus products. Many of my business customers also have us service their home systems as well.

    We have you covered for all your computer service needs. You are guaranteed prompt professional on site service to your home or business.  


Business Services

  • Emergency On Site Service

  • On Site Repair

  • On Site Support

  • Remote Support

  • Microsoft Server Products Installation & support

  • Server Hardware Repair Maintenance & Support

  • Thin Client support

  • Public and Private Email systems Support

  • On-Site Data Recovery

  • Microsoft Product & Licensing sales

  • QuickBooks Sales & installation support

Residential/Home Services

  • Virus Removal

  • On Site Repair

  • Basic Data Recovery

  • On Site Support

  • Equipment Installation

  • Software Installation

  • Antivirus Sales Installation

  • New Computer Sales



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